Improve your Plant/Life Balance

‘Plant life balance’ has been described as ‘evaluating the amount of plant life in your life and the inherent environmental, financial, social and physical and mental wellbeing benefits that it offers.’

We believe our industry makes a major contribution to our society and our community for the benefits that plants and gardening bring. Improving our plant/life balance is the major theme in all we do.

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Nursery & Garden Industry SA supports other national campaigns conducted through Nursery & Garden Industry Australia.

The current campaign is called 202020 Vision and its mission is to increase green space in urban areas by 20% by the year 2020.

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Since the Improve Your Plant/Life Balance campaign began we have had two major promotions – ‘Put a Plant on Your Desk’ and ‘More Trees Please’.

NGISA members can get involved in all industry promotions. Contact the association office for more information.